Artist’s parents

As mentioned before recently I have become interested in moving into portraiture.  Although hesitant at first, I found it was simply a case of applying the technical skills I have learnt on the still life paintings and transferring them onto the portraits.  I am trying for a balance between an accurate representation of the subject and yet still retaining a painterly quality that somehow seems to add ‘life’, or a touch of added realism to the work.  As much as I admire artists who have the ability (and the patience) to paint every pore and hair – and there were wonderful examples at this year’s BP portrait show at the NPG. for my own work I still like to see the odd brushmark, a flick of paint, a suggestion of movement, the human touch.

These two portraits, completed this year, are of my parents, painted in oil directly on board, and hopefully the works are hanging in their living room at time of writing.  The idea was to paint them separately. like the traditional ‘companion’ pieces, so the two paintings can face one another on the wall.


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