My housemate..

Is a 18-month old rescue cat named Gladys.  I don’t know too much about her background from foster lady, but she will happily lie on my bed sleeping all night, but as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, she bolts out of the room.  Clearly not a lover of legs and feet.  We are slowly getting to know one another.  The first three days she hid in a dark corner – no food, no water.  This was a small painting, about 15cm square, after she attempted to be part of a still life work.  Maybe she will appear again in a painting..? 


First portrait commission.

While I wait for a slicker, user-friendlier version of this blog as I stumble my way around trying to put links up with a better design, here is ‘Jean’, a lovely lady from Boston Spa who was brave enough to become the subject of my first commissioned portrait.  It was an important learning process, painting still lifes is a completely different experience – as one would expect possibly, but of course inanimate objects don’t have friends with opinions and viewpoints.  However, having completed ‘Jean’, and with the positive response I received, I feel much more confidant in pursuing this as part of my painting practice.  Comments are always welcome, and none more so in this case.  I love the results by the way!Image