October update – new work

An interesting and busy last few weeks with new works heading to both Singapore and London (Battersea) Affordable Art Fairs, being short-listed for Still Life Artist of the Year by Artist and Illustrator’s Magazine, and the opening of my new show at Gallerytop in Derbyshire.  Most pleasing of all was the successful showing of ‘Days Like these” (see below), a large composition of white roses taken from my younger sister’s wedding in June.  I will add after the event!  For about 6 years now sitting in my studio has been a wonderful old solid wood mirror frame, painted gold, which I have never been able to find the perfect painting.  Until now.  After many enquiries, I am sourcing further frames with a view to maybe split the presentation of my still lifes in two strands, one in the current contemporary black double frames with interior mount, and more traditional works in found older mouldings.     The rest of the images are new works, including ‘Epic Landscape’, painting of the humble cabbage, which was the work nominated for the award.  I hope you enjoy.         After all the recent activity, my studio is now clear, so for the rest of the week, I’m shopping and planning new ideas.   P x