Floral Show at Gallerytop, Derbyshire

Hello – four works being delivered this week to Gallerytop’s new group show, three new paintings and a re-showing for ‘Brassica and Lillies’, the large canvas work that currently hangs in my house. The reality of painting a large canvas is its all seems like a good idea, but every time I want to move or show it, a van has to be hired.  On this occasion the lovely Gill and Keith from Gallerytop have agreed to collect for me. After the blizzards last weekend, the roads are clear, but the air remains cold and the painting room still needs a small oil heater most of the day. The allure of spending the winter months in warmer climates is ever-increasing..

From top to bottom:   “Brassica and Lillies” – 140 x 100cm.      “Bouquet” – image size 55 x 55cm.   “White Rose Study” – approx 20 x 30cm.   “Waiting For You” – 18 x 36cm.

IMG_5836 IMG_7907 IMG_7909 Waiting For You -18 x 36 - 2013