When I began this blog, it was meant to be updated frequently, although this clearly hasn’t been the case.  However, I am delighted to finally get around to sharing a few images that hopefully give a sense of the new work, mostly created from the new studio that I moved into last October, situated in Westgate Studios in the centre of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.  A relatively compact space, three floors above one of Wakefield’s main streets and seemingly in the heart of the nightclub/bar area, it is proving a prefect location to start a new body of work.  Since the last update, I have won last year’s Contemporary Open at Stockport, been shown in the Singapore and Hong Kong artfairs, and managed to escape the (sometimes) isolation of the studio to do some painting tuition at Leeds City College.  Currently I’m working on three commissions and around 12-15 works for a solo show in July.  All works shown below are oil on canvas.  Any comments are welcome as always.  Thank you..

Summer Fruit - 08:2013 28 x 42cm  'Lean On Me%22 2013Composition In Silver 2014 IMG_8910 Lay of The Land  2013 - 130 x 130cm Lemon Bowl - 24 x 30cm 2014'Ripening Time' - oil, 08:2013


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  1. Love the little girl and the strawberries are good too. If anyone wants a good tutor this is the one.Well done Paul you are an inspiration!

  2. Great paintings here Paul! Really enjoyed this last batch, and there is some interesting edge-work going on in some of the glass objects. Really glad I stumbled across this blog, and definitely linking to this from my own – you deserve the views!

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