New Year and Onward..

Well into the winter now and the second half of last year provided some distractions, such as taking a painting tutor post at Barnsley College.  There’s something about a new year though that focuses the mind, and I feel motivated to achieve more in 2015.  But that’s all to come – for now I have enclosed a couple of recent images of work that have either left the studio or are currently awaiting framing for display later in the year.  Sorrento Bowl

The finished "lemon field' with relieved artist!

The finished “lemon field’ with relieved artist!

Private Commission

Private Commission

Red Grape in Silver 2015


4 thoughts on “New Year and Onward..

  1. Hi Paul. Can you please let me know what dates you are in Wakefield? I saw your work as part of the Art Walk and would like to purchase one of your ‘cards’

    • Hello – I am in the studio most days apart from a few days the weekend after Easter. Please phone or text me on 07751127920 and we can arrange a studio visit. To let you know I still only have the two cards you may have seen at the Artwalk -will have a couple more by middle of next week.
      Thanks Paul

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