Working towards the autumn..

It seems every time I write on here its to apologise for not doing so sooner, so let me move straight on.  Currently I’m working on a new series of works, and I’m already pleased with the standard being achieved – perhaps a weird thing to state, but working alone, as any artist will tell you, can sometimes be a struggle to find the right motivation, if not the ideas. Deadlines always help (as does poverty), and it seems I currently have both.  First up I have recently completed a couple of competition pieces (more on that in the near future, if successful), then I have a joint still life show at Gallerytop appearing on the mid-August horizon.  With another solo and a group show later in the year, I’m looking for a rise up that ladder by the year’s end.  I have enclosed a few new images, all oil on canvas, hope you like, and I promise not to be so slack next time…

Pomegranates      Spilt Orchard (possibly)   By Your Side