About paulstoneartworks

Hello - this blog is currently acting as my website while I work and paint from my Wakefield studio on Westgate. I don't update as often as I wish (or planned to), but hopefully it will give viewers an idea of what my work is about. At its core, its observational, with a study of quite formal elements of painting - composition, tone, pattern, etc. The goals for my paintings are what I consider realistic - wanting to create desirable works that work as both a reflection of the world around, and also as a 'painting', a hand made work of art AND craft that deals with the physical qualities of paint and its application. There are others art forms, such as comedy, film and music, that I would find to harder to live without, but this is what I do and I love spending days in the studio - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Its unstable, frustrating, occasionally unreliable, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Most of my work is delivered straight to various galleries around the country, although I can often be found figuring out a private commission. If you have any enquiries, please phone me on 07781127920 or email prstonearts@yahoo.com Thank you - hope you enjoy the work.

Lockdown Studio


Quick update as of September 2022:  

Open studio Wednesday 28th September 2022, 5-9pm.

Studio unframed sale November 30th 2022, 5-9pm. 

Affordable Art Fair Battersea – March 2023

Solo Painting Exhibition – Chantry House Gallery – November 2023 


For any enquiries please leave a message on prstonearts@yahoo.com or go to my instagram page and direct message me – #paulstoneart

Many thanks and stay well    Paul

Citrus On White 40 x 40cm (framed 58 x 58 cm)  Now SOLD

Trinity Lemons 40 x 57 cm (framed 58 x 75 cm)  Now SOLD

Wrapped Lemons 36 x 52 cm (framed 54 x 70 cm) Now SOLD

The Sequel 50 x 59 cm (framed 68 x 77 cm)  Now SOLD


Upstream 36 x 104 cm (54 x 122 cm) (SOLD)

White Eggs  56 x 64 cm (framed 74 x 82 cm) (SOLD)


Pomegranates 61 x 83 cm (69 x 108 cm)  Now SOLD

Pomegranates (Framed) SOLD

United Nation (Jackson Painting Still Life Prizewinner 2019)  SOLD