End Of Year Studio Sale!

Hello –  here I am nearly at the end of another busy year. Happy to report Solo show in October went well, as did a pleasing rise in private commissions.  Already lined up two solos and two fairs for next year, and some great ideas on the easel, so here’s hoping 2019 will be even better.

In the meantime, Wednesday 28th is the date of my studio clearance sale, with over 40 works, a mixture of studio and gallery paintings, some framed, many not – all on offer at greatly reduced prices.  I have decided that the main selection of the work can be divided into two sections, either £100 and £200 each.  Please feel free to get in touch if any of these works are of interest to you, or you have further enquiries.  Will update soon.  Many thanks

The first works are £200 each

Portabello Mushrooms (unframed)

A Little Bit of Passion (framed) SOLD

Delicious 38 x 51cm (in wood mount)


Delicious As Ever 17 x 21cm (Framed)

Pak Choi Study (framed)

Yellow Plums (Framed) SOLD

Another Sweet Secret (on canvas, framed) SOLD

Red Rose Study (framed)

After The Rain (in wood mount) SOLD

The Colour Of Love (in wood mount) SOLD

White Asparagus (framed)

Locally Sourced (framed)



White Rose Study (framed) SOLD

The following are available for £100:


Three Pears 27 x 21cm (unframed) SOLD

Shadow Composition With Eggs (unframed) SOLD


Trio Composition (on canvas stretcher backed by board) SOLD

Reflective Clementine Study (unframed) SOLD

Silver Plate (unframed) SOLD

Side By Side (unframed)

Granny Apples (unframed) SOLD

Bread Roll (with wood mount)  SOLD

Red Pear Study (unframed)

Dutch Hotel Silver (unframed)

Mangetout Study (with mount)

Mini Cabbage With Pot (with wood mount)

Apple Of My Eye II (with wood mount)

Portabello Mushrooms (with wood mount)

Back Garden Apple (with wood mount)

Quali Eggs in Glass (unframed) SOLD

Wet Leaf Study (unframed)

Daffodils In Silver (unframed) SOLD

Lean On Me Study (on wood, unframed) SOLD

Sweetheart (Lettuce) (Framed) SOLD

Lemon (unframed) SOLD

Plum (unframed) SOLD

Beef Rump (unframed)  SOLD


New Class Update

Hello – a quick update to tell you I’ve started a new art class at Wakefield Westgate Studios on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  It runs for at least an hour, no extensive knowledge of art is required – running under the working title of “Quite Interesting Stuff About Art…”, it covers new art news, a couple of historical or significant works in more details, and general chat about what’s happening in the art world.  So its not (as yet) a practical ‘how to’ paint and draw class, so you can just turn up, enjoy a hot drink and biscuit and join in.  Cover £3 per person.

In order to keep updated about any possible cancellations – for instance the class won’t run on artwalk nights, or for a period during the summer – please send me your email address to be put on the email list that I post to each week.

Thank you   Paul   prstonearts@yahoo.com

New Year – and so it begins.

Hello – a very mixed 2017 that happily ended on a good note with a successful solo show in Sept/Oct and a studio sale that brought in a lot of new clients (and which filtered out interest to current gallery work).  I’m grateful to everyone taking an interest in my work, be it encouragement or purchases of my work, as this gives me the confidence (and importantly, the time) to continue with my practice, and really looking forward to what may be in 2018. I have plenty of ideas bubbling away in the studio, first off a couple of private commissions to be completed, then the first open studio night of the year on Jan 31st.  I also wish to start sending out more information regarding new works (and where they will be appearing), so using this platform (and my Facebook page ‘Paul Stone Artworks’), I will be asking for anyone who wishes to be added to my new monthly email newsletter to send me their email address so I can include them.   I know many of us are bombarded with unwanted emails, so this will only be on a request basis – I still own my website domain name, so the plan is to finally get that up and running within the next few months.  In a crowded market, its time to get more active!  Happy 2018 to you all, and below are a few recent painting that I hope you will enjoy.    Best wishes   Paul  

Contacts update.

I have been using social media for work updates, so thought I would share details on how to contact me, and sometimes it can be quicker to get updates on new work.

I have an art page on Facebook:  Paul Stone Artworks

Twitter: @paulstoneart

Intagram: #paulstoneart

I’m currently in a mild panic producing enough works for the upcoming Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair in Bristol, a solo exhibition at Chantry House Gallery in October, and Chester Artist’s Fair in November – see you soon!     Paul


New for 2017

Sorry been away for so long, new post coming within the next two weeks – left a couple of new images in the meantime.  You can also follow me now on instagram – paulstoneart , which tends to be easier to use when I’m in the studio (I’ve had to ban the laptop most days, too distracting!).


Summer Light

Back In The Game..

Rather than go on about how long since last entry (August last year if you’re asking), there’s been plenty going on, so I will include a new pieces and look forward to a busy Spring/Summer period.  Currently my work is included in a  couple of group shows – The Waterside Open in Sale, and “New Light Art”, celebrating the ‘best’ of Northern Art and showing at the Mercer Gallery, Harrogate.  I have been supplying galleries when new works have become available, rather than host a solo show, and luckily a great end to last year has kept me in canvas and cake during the traditional lean period of the first three months of the year. In the studio I have new artist neighbours, and I feel the work is really starting to become more focused and confident.  Below are a few images completed over the last few months, including a couple of new ‘studies’, that are due to leave for galleries soon.  The plan is to work on fewer, larger paintings, and in the down time, try out new ideas in the studies that will have a simply and elegant frame, and be accessible to a wider audience.  I will be back soon.   Thanks  Paul  DSC_0001Growing Figs  23 x 35United Nation 52 x 90cmSliced (study)

Upcoming Exhibitions..

Hello – after receiving a timely reminder (i.e. a telling off) from a good friend today, this is an update on upcoming exhibitions.  Its been a quiet year so far, but that’s involved plenty of studio work time preparing for three shows – the first is at Gallerytop (Derbyshire) starting on 15th August (gallerytop.co.uk), running for about a month.  The following are a few images in the show…

The next will be in Essex during October – The response has been very positive so far, hope you enjoy.  Thanks  Paul

A Bit Of Passion    Then Again    Ginger Jar    Time To Reflect    DSC_0009