Lockdown Studio

Hello – 6 weeks ago (today is May 2nd 2020) I transferred most of my studio to my flat just before a nationwide lockdown was announced.  Since then, as all galleries are physically shut until further notice (though still open online), I have been selling works direct to customers.  Below are the remaining studio works that I am offering for sale, until I can present new work in my next solo exhibition in October at Chantry House Gallery.

I must add however, and with an apology, that these paintings are currently only being offered to mainline UK until the lockdown finishes completely, as they are postal restrictions in place for large parcels, and to courier them overseas will be expensive – plus I haven’t got the necessary professional packaging required to do a good enough job for air travel.

For any enquiries please leave a message on prstonearts@yahoo.com or go to my instagram page and direct message me – #paulstoneart

Many thanks and stay well    Paul

Citrus On White 40 x 40cm (framed 58 x 58 cm)  Now SOLD


Trinity Lemons 40 x 57 cm (framed 58 x 75 cm)  Now SOLD


Wrapped Lemons 36 x 52 cm (framed 54 x 70 cm) Now SOLD


The Sequel 50 x 59 cm (framed 68 x 77 cm)  Now SOLD



Upstream 36 x 104 cm (54 x 122 cm) (SOLD)


White Eggs  56 x 64 cm (framed 74 x 82 cm) (SOLD)

Pomegranates 61 x 83 cm (69 x 108 cm)  Now SOLD


Pomegranates (Framed) SOLD


United Nation (Jackson Painting Still Life Prizewinner 2019)  SOLD